Who We Are

Our Mission

To supply Sails of a quality that enhances the reputation of our clients, at competitive prices and delivered with ease, efficiency and the personal touch of a Boutique Production Loft.

Our Mission 2

Our Story

Craig Millar Sails was founded by Craig Millar in January 2018. He was joined by the production team with whom he had worked for over ten years, craftsmen and women, who have an outstanding reputation in the industry for building the highest quality sails.

As a successful South African Yachtsman with vast sailing experience, both cruising and as a successful round the world yacht racing skipper, Craig was able to add his experience and knowledge to the high quality of the manufacturing of the sails. Craig has built several successful businesses, including aluminium and entertainment businesses and founded and built Sail Africa Youth Development Foundation with his wife Taryn. Craig Millar Sails is now recognised around the world for its integrity and high quality products.

In the third quarter of 2023, Jerome McLoughlin joined Craig Millar Sails as Director, coinciding with the exciting change of brand to UK Sailmakers. Craig Millar Sails trades as UK Sailmakers South Africa and is the only registered UK Sailmaker’s loft on the continent.

Our Story

Our Core Values

Sailing represents so much that is good for the planet and its inhabitants due to its connection to nature and its low impact on the environment.

Whilst there have been advances in sail making in the last few thousand years, it has changed relativity little when compared with other industries which have become obsolete, or are unrecognizable due to advancing technology. Sail making requires skilled people who craft sails with their hands and a creative environment.   As a company we value our people and their skills in our sail making family. We believe that all employees play an important role in the company and that they should be properly compensated for their work.  We believe in maintaining an environment that is healthy and positive, as we spend so much of our lives at work.

Our philosophy is to conduct business with honesty and integrity, recognizing that good business benefits all parties.

Core Values


Our Business

  • We commit to running our business ethically and with due consideration to the laws of the country in which we operate and the environment.

  • As an Independent in the sail making industry, we recognise the responsibility that we carry in representing the sail making industry to the Customer.

  • We commit to being fully accountable for the way our Customers are treated, the products that we sell to them and for addressing any issues to the absolute satisfaction of the Customer.

Our Customers

  • We recognise the relationship of trust that we build with our Customers and that relationship will have a long life if we continue to value that trust.

  • We recognise that our Customers place their trust in us and as such we must always act with integrity.

  • We recognise that our Customers invest their hard-earned money in our industry and we will therefore always treat them with the respect that they deserve.

  • We commit to always ascertaining from our Customers the end use of the product that they require, thereby ensuring that it is fit for purpose.

  • We commit to never attempting to sell our Customers a higher priced product than they require, simply to increase our profit.